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 mojoom mobile jomsocial theme Installation guide

Installation Guide

Installation guide for MoJoom

More contains Groups and Events which makes easier to interact with everyone and will have tremendous growth in membership.

moJoom mobile jomsocial Groups

Group is bunch of members engage in same interest.

  • Create group
  • Invite friend for join group
  • Reviews and commenting on group.
  • Like and dislike.
  • Wall post is a general message board
  • Discussion board is more to topic-specified discussion. These are the essential tools to keep your group active.
  • Each group can have their own Photo and Video gallery. You can share the media with your group members.
  • Groups more flexible by letting users to create an event for their groups.
  • Announcement is the place where any group member can announce message/instruction with other members in a group.


Easily manage your events. Eventmakes members engaged with each other.

  • Create new event.
  • Send invitation to friend for joining event.
  • Like and dislike.

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