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I love mojoom app! All people who have jomsocial websites should buy the mojoom app. It is inexpensive. The quality of the app is fantastic. Besides, it is very easy to install.I am so excited that I can see my website through mobile devices. Thank you Mojoom!

Excellent component, but would prefer a mobile template..

I give this component an excellent rating because it does what it says and rather easily. If you are trying to mobile optimize your Jomsocial network, this is it. Personally I would prefer a slim template to place in the Jomsocial templates folder, but there have been many issues accomplishing that. The jquery that is […]

Thanks again, great product.

I have it installed. Looks good. great job!! Thanks again, great product. Rick

Excellent extension

“Excellent extension, easy configuration and setup. We got our jomsocial site working for iphone in couple of minutes. Amazing ..Great “

After the adjustment period I have to say

This is the best component for the price I think I’ve seen as far as mobilizing jomsocial sites. I’m working on changing the look a bit to suit my own needs but great job!! Looking for more improvements.

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